Grand Scale Parts - Part Pictures

Here are the parts offered in casting number order.

GC001 Wheel, car, 10 inch.

Car wheel, 10"
Made of a high quality grey iron.

Brake shoes - GC002 and brake beam backup - GC003
Car brake shoes
Brake shoes - GC002 and brake beam backup - GC003

Brake shoes usually come in two pieces - the brake head and the brake shoe. In  5" scale, this makes the brake head rather thin. The cost of having separate castings for head and shoe is almost double the cost of either. Therefore I have made them one piece with lots of thickness for wear. I'll bet a home railroad would have to run lots of trains to wear out a set of these.
The rectangular casting in the middle is the "washer" or backup behind the wooden brake beam through which the brake rod passes.

GC004 Set, Carter swing motion truck.
Swing motion truck
GC004 - Bolster and car body center plates, 4 short swing link hangers , 2 long swing link hanger, 2 rub plates, and 4 truss rod bearings.

GC005 6" Brake Wheel, ratchet, and pawl.
Brakewheel and ratchet
GC005 6" Brake Wheel, ratchet, and pawl.

GC006 Set, Journal box, arch bar, solid and lid.
Journal box, archbar, solid
Set of 1 Journal box, arch bar, and 1 lid - GC006
GC006 - A journal box and lid for arch bar trucks. It is solid except for a cored hole in the middle. A drawing (with a suggestion for a bearing) may be found below.

GC007 Washer, Carter end beam.
Beam washers, with original
Carter Bros. end beam washers, with an original example
Beam washers
8 washers are needed for one car
 GC007 Washer, Carter end beam. These little washers are an interesting bit of detail characteristic of Carter Bros. design. I bought a sawmill that supposedly came from the Westside Lumber Company property and three of the original washers came with it. That was my inspiration to make a pattern for the 5" scale version.

GC008 Link and Pin Coupler.
L&P Coupler, shank 1
Link and Pin Coupler - GC008
L&P Coupler, shank 2
Shank has 5/8-11 threads

GC009 Large pedestal, journal box, and lid.
  GC009 Large pedestal, journal box, and lid

GC010 L&P coupler, beam mount.
Link and pin coupler, beam mount
Link and pin coupler, beam mount

GC010 L&P coupler, beam mount.
Link and pin couplers have been around since railroads were invented. Supposedly one reason the Diamond and Caldor RR (in northern California) was abandoned in 1952 was the federal government insisted they stop using link and pin. That gives them a lifetime of at least 120 years. Automatic couplers are safer than link and pin, but somewhat more expensive. Even in 5" scale, using your fingers to lift up a link while coupling could earn you the nickname "Old Four Fingers". That being said, toy railroads do very little coupling and uncoupling and a small piece of flat metal to lift the link would make the process perfectly safe.
This particular coupler was patterned after those used on the earliest D&RGW 4-wheel flat cars

GC011 Coupler pin, fancy.

Pin, fancy

  In very old books on railroads, pins for link and pin couplers were shown with fancy turned handles. If these ever existed, they were probably lost or broken very quickly and replaced with whatever the blacksmith could make. Here is a steel pin with cast iron handle to give a really authentic look.

GC012 Spring perch, upper and lower..
Spring Perch
   GC012 Spring perch, upper and lower. Shown with a 2 inch flat die spring ( which is not included)..


GC014 Queen post, 3"

 GC014 Queen post, 3". Either 4 or 8 will be needed for one freight or passenger car.

GC015 Utility wheel, 6" GC015  6" Utility Wheels

6 inch wheels

These wheels are from an old pattern for some sort of industrial wheel. They are NOT to any scale but could be used for push cars or other maintenance-of-way cars. From the size of the hub (2 3/4"), they probably were meant for some sort of internal roller bearing.  They are cored to 1 1/8". The tread diameter is 6" - rough. The flanges are 5/16" high and the overall width is  1 3/4". You could also use these to built a miniature mine car.

GC018 Dump car journal box and lid.
UNRR lid
Dump car journal box and lid
 I decided to make patterns for a different style of journal box - one that doesn't use the "Carter Brothers" lid with the star.
There is a picture in Mallory Hope Ferrell's book "Rails, Sagebrush, and Pine" on the Sumpter Valley RR of a journal box lid. It is from the tender  of the Sumpter Valley's No. 11 Mogul, which was built in 1878 for the Utah Northern. That lid is the inspiration of my dump car journal box.  Set of 1 Journal box and 1 lid is  GC018

Dump car parts.

Dump car wheel, shoe, JB and lid
  GC016 Wheel, car, 8"
GC017 Brake shoe, car, 8"
GC018 Set, dump car journal box and lid

GC019 Switcher bearing housing and cover..
Switcher bearing housing
GC019 Switcher bearing housing and cover. Every railroad needs a little gas or diesel switcher. The minimum castings needed include the drivers, the couplers, the brake shoes, and the journal boxes. This journal box is 5 1/2 by 5 inches, sized for a 40 x 80 x 30.2 mm double row ball bearing. It is just a box with a cavity to be machined out and a cover. You can tell your riders the big "W" stands for Whitcomb.

 GC022 Brake wheel, flower, ratchet, pawl..

A "freelance" design of an unusual
brake wheel. The pattern was made by 3D printing, which is probably the only
practical way of making such a thing.

GC023 Set, Loco L&P coupler pocket and pin.

GC023 - Locomotive link and pin coupler pocket and fancy pin. This is patterned after the coupler pockets used on very small narrow gauge 0-4-0 locomotives, such as Porter or Davenport. This is perhaps small enough to be used on a 3" scale locomotive.

GC024 - Poling pocket, elliptical.
Poling pockets
GC024 - Poling pocket for car or locomotive. A design like the elliptical poling pockets used on small Porter steam locomotives. Order 2 or 4 for one locomotive.

GC0026 Stack, 19 inch
Stack, 19 inch
Stack, 19" tall - GC026
This pattern was originally intended for a smoke box diameter of 10 1/2". I built up the pattern to fit a diameter of 12 3/4". The casting can be  machined or ground to fit  diameters throughout this range.

GC027 Dump car pedestal jaw .

GC027 - Pedestal jaw for the dump car journal box.
Jaw assembly

This is what a complete dump car pedestal assembly will look like

GC032 Bolster guide plates
guide plates
GC032 Truck bolster guide plates

GC033 End beam washer, 2.25"
End beam washers
GC033 End beam washer, 2 1/4"

GC035 Set, Car center plates and side bearings .
Center Plates
GC035 - Center plates and side bearings for arch bar trucks. A more "modern" design than the Carter Bros. version

GC039 3.75 scale coupler .
GC039- A link and pin coupler pocket for 3.75" scale. Or use on your 15" gauge push cars.
GC039This compares the 3.75" and 5" scale versions

GC043 Finial
GC043 - This is a finial for a crossing sign or signal mast.

GC044 Coupler plate
Face plate
423 Wilson St
Petaluma CA 94952
GC044 Bolts to a car end beam to mount the coupler.

GC045 Heisler driver center .
GC045GC045 - A "pie-in-the-sky" project. No one has ever built a 15" gauge Heisler. This is a start. There are two videos about designing the casting: Part 1 and Part 2