Grand Scale Parts

Here are more "Pie-in-the-sky" projects for 5" scale, 15" gauge that maybe someone should design and someone should build. Maybe you?

SPC Boxcar
A boxcar is just a flatcar with a box (duh). I have all the castings needed.
Someone just has to finish the drawings and chop up the wood

D&RG Caboose
C&S Caboose
Several Colorado narrow gauge RRs had 4-wheel cabooses. Any one of them would be great in 15" gauge.
I have a start on a drawing of the C&S caboose.

GSP&P at Hillcrest
The drawings for the GSP&P Caboose still exist. They need to be re-drawn in a CAD format, but are certainly useable.
The advantage of this one is the side door - kids or an adult can ride inside.

Swayne 1
Swayne 2
Swayne truck
Swayne 3
Sean O'D said he liked the Swayne Lumber Company skeleton log cars that ended up on the West Side operation.
I had very little to go on, but made a stab at a truck with the castings I have available.
The 5" scale of this car is 16 feet long - pretty long for 15" railroads. It might be well to shorten it, easily done since the center sills are wood beams.

It would take some serious cabinet work to build a small combine. Just to come up with detailed drawings would be a hefty project.
The SP 1010 resides at Ardenwood Farms near Newark, so it would be available for measurement.

The drawings.