Drawings of the GSP&P caboose.

This was built by Jim Holmes and Dave Adams in the early 1990's. It, and all the GSP&P locomotives reside at Hillcrest near Reedly, CA. If anyone would be willing to re-draw these in an AutoCAD compatible format, please contact me, TheDispatcher@GSPandP.com


 Curves diagram

The GSP&P caboose at Hillcrest, 2008

Caboose elevation

Right click on the following links to download the drawings

GSP&P Caboose 1.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 2.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 2a.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 3.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 4.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 5.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 6.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 7.TIF

GSP&P Caboose 8.TIF

The DSP&P, the D&RGW, and the C&S all had 4-wheel cabooses. I would think this would make a great 15" gauge project. I started on a drawing, but didn't get very far. If you want to finish it, the beginning are here (right click to download): C&S Caboose

C&S bobber caboose