A 15" gauge Locomotive "Kit" (some assembly required)

Allen 0-4-0

It is time to see if someone else would like to finish this locomotive.

The original at Redwood Valley in 2008:

No. 18 at RVRy

I purchased a set of castings for this a number of years ago:

Cylinder group


I added castings such as these journal boxes and lids.

I had to make patterns and have the bronze parts cast.

This photo also shows the completed links and purchased bronze bearings:.

Bronze castings

I purchased cold-rolled steel and had the frame water-jet cut:

Frame 1

The frame is machined and complete. The excess material became the

side rods and main rod straps (see the Cylinder photo above):

Frame 2

The boiler was build by Wasatch in 2008:

Boiler 1

Boiler 2

It is built to ASME code standards for 150 psi working pressure:

Boiler 3

Here is a list of all parts included in the package:

Parts Tablr

At additional cost, I will supply other castings that may be wanted.

Go to the Grand Scale Parts website for details and prices.

Optional castings

OK so what is the price?  $19,000 for the entire package. It is located near Scotts Valley, CA. Obviously, this is a pick-up item....and it should fit in a full size pickup. Help is available to load the boiler, everything else can be loaded by hand. If there is insufficient interest in everything, I might be willing to sell the boiler separately. In that case, the boiler would be $14,000 and the other parts would be $6,000.

Send me an email at TheDispatcher@GSPandP.com