Glenwood, South Park and Pacific Railroad

The oldest 15" gauge railroad in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

GSP&P No. 5 Builder and engineer



No. 1 many years ago


Here are links to various technical topics.

This is a link to my assembly drawing files 

Scales and gauges can be confusing. Here is an un-confuser
Scales and Gauges

Before starting to build your locomotive, you have to design the cylinders and valves
Slide Valve Design

If you want to lay track, I have a calculator to help lay out curves
Link to Curves

The drawings used to build the GSP&P caboose
GSP&P Caboose

The foundry I use is very busy and slow. These web pages are for reference only
Link to Grand Scale Parts

If you want to actually build a small 15" gauge locomotive, here is a good start
Allen 0-4-0

Emails concerning the GSP&P or Grandscale railroads in general can be sent to: